The following shares are companies that have fallen in price today, frequently referred to as the share losers, or share fallers list. See also Share Risers.
Share Price Change
Sondrel Plc (SND)3.75-28.57%-1.50
Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA)0.04-27.27%-0.015
Crossword Cybersecurity (CCS)5.25-23.64%-1.625
Merit Group (MRIT)72.50-15.7%-13.50
Evoke (EVOK)74.00-14.25%-12.30
Genedrive (GDR)3.975-12.15%-0.55
Heiq (HEIQ)10.05-11.4%-1.285
Chaarat Gold (CGH)0.225-10.71%-0.03
Thor Energy (THR)0.90-10%-0.10
Vela Technologies (VELA)0.0095-9.52%-0.001
Craven House Capital (CRV)0.20-9.09%-0.02
Libertine Hold (LIB)1.30-9.09%-0.13
Mulberry Group (MUL)97.50-8.88%-9.50
Nightcap (NGHT)2.75-8.33%-0.25
Cleantech Lithium (CTL)21.50-8.32%-1.95
Block Energy P. (BLOE)0.925-7.5%-0.075
Sunda Energy (SNDA)0.0675-6.9%-0.005
Biome Tech (BIOM)35.00-6.67%-2.50
Premier African Minerals (PREM)0.0725-6.45%-0.005
B90 Holdings (B90)2.95-6.35%-0.20

Share Fallers FAQ
  • Q. Why are share fallers important?
  • A. The 'fallers' or 'losers' in a day show which companies are losing value. This can often be because of general market movement, or negative news - but is often a good place to look to get an idea of what the stock mnarket is doing today.
  • Q. Should I buy shares in the fallers list?
  • A. There's no right or wrong answer to this; some investors like to find a share that is falling, and buy it in the hope it will 'bounce back' if it is oversold - particularly if a share is simply following the general market movement.
  • Q. If a share is in the fallers list, does that mean it is in trouble?
  • A. No, at least not necessarily. Shares rise and fall every day, sometimes seemingly without reason. A better indicator might be the last few years profit and loss - which gives a better long-term outlook for a company listed on the stock exchange.