The following shares are companies that have risen in price today, frequently referred to as the share winners, share gainers, or share risers list. See also Share Fallers.
Share Price Change
Intelligent Ultrasound (IUG)10.37551.72%3.75
Mindflair (MFAI)1.3542.11%0.40
Hornby (HRN)26.5029.27%6.00
Versarien (VRS)0.100526.06%0.0215
Tpximpact Hldg (TPX)53.5017.58%8.00
Engage Xr (EXR)1.17517.5%0.175
Alumasc Group (ALU)226.0016.8%32.50
Avacta Group (AVCT)73.5013.69%8.90
United Oil&gas (UOG)0.2113.51%0.025
Fiinu (BANK)0.8513.33%0.10
Gfinity (GFIN)0.02412.56%0.0027
Portmeirion (PMP)235.0011.9%25.00
Supply@me Cap (SYME)0.01410.87%0.00125
Ocado (OCDO)392.509.79%35.00
Totally (TLY)10.759.69%0.95
Genincode (GENI)5.759.52%0.50
Frasers Group (FRAS)897.009.19%75.50
N4 Pharma Plc (N4P)0.458.89%0.04
Image Scan Holdings (IGE)1.858.82%0.15
Pensionbee (PBEE)168.008.74%13.50

Share Risers FAQ
  • Q. Why are share risers important?
  • A. The 'risers' in a day show which shares are going up in value; and is often a good place to start to find out what is happening today on the stock market.
  • Q. Should I buy shares in the 'risers' or 'gainers' list?
  • A. Not necessarily - if a share is rising, it may have already reached its peak - and todays risers can often be tomorrow's fallers. However, some shares can rise for several consecutive days - so do some further research.
  • Q. I don't recognise any of the companies in the share risers - why not?
  • A. The risers page shows all stock market listed companies, regardless of size. A smaller company can sometimes have a large percentage change movement by going up just a few pence.
  • Q. Can I see just the FTSE 100 risers?
  • A. Yes - or at least the nearest thing - we show risers for each sector and index - check out the UK 100 page