Comparing Just Retirement Group Plc & Monks Investment Trust Plc

This page explains how Just Retirement Group Plc compares with Monks Investment Trust Plc

Just Retirement Group Plc is approximately half the size of Monks Investment Trust Plc, and each share in Just Retirement Group Plc is the equivalent to 0.20 shares in Monks Investment Trust Plc. Over the last 30 days, Just Retirement Group Plc has often moved in in a similar way to Monks Investment Trust Plc, moving in the same direction 10 out of 19 trading days.

Price 154.60-615.90770.50
Change (-2.09%) 0.00-2.55%3.50 (0.46%)
Spread (-1.62%) -2.50-1.748%1.00 (0.13%)
Currency GBX GBX
Sector Insurance Investment Companies
Indices UK 350, UK 250 UK 350, UK 250
What if I invested £1,000?
1 month ago 1 year ago
JRG.L£948.47 £1,137.60
MNKS.L£1,804.71 £1,946.70
Shares in Issue 564m214m
Market Capitalisation £87,256m£165,033m
52 Week High 207.10792.00
52 Week Low 117.20549.50