Headline Date Published
2017 H1 Distribution - Currency Amounts18-05-201713:00
New Director Appointment05-05-201710:30
First Quarter 2017 Production Report04-05-201707:00
Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)06-04-201707:00
Retirement of Non-Executive Director, W. Macaulay03-04-201708:30
Director Declaration27-03-201709:30
2016 Annual Report02-03-201709:00
Preliminary Results 201623-02-201707:00
2017 DISTRIBUTION TIMETABLE23-02-201707:00
Glencore purchases stakes in Mutanda and Katanga13-02-201715:50
Preliminary Results 2016 Presentation on 23Feb201709-02-201707:00
Production Report for the 12 months ended 31Dec'1602-02-201707:00
TR-1: Notification of Major Interest in Shares09-01-201717:04
Mutanda Mining Sarl ("Mutanda")05-01-201716:53
Glencore and QIA partnership relating to Rosneft03-01-201716:20
Glencore Announces Pricing of Tender Offers15-12-201616:47
Glencore Announces Early Tender Offer Results15-12-201611:41
Glencore and QIA partnership with Rosneft12-12-201607:00
Rosneft holding statement08-12-201607:00
Glencore announces US$1,000,000,000 tender offer01-12-201611:30
Glencore plc - investor update01-12-201607:00
Disposals programme completions01-12-201607:00
Notification of transaction of PDMR22-11-201617:02
Glencore investor update call16-11-201607:00
2017 Corporate Calendar / 2016 Q4 Investor Call03-11-201610:00
Third Quarter 2016 Production Report03-11-201607:00
Glencore reaches agreement to sell GRail20-10-201607:00
Glencore Announces Pricing of Tender Offers18-10-201618:09
Glencore Announces Tender Offer Upsizing & Results18-10-201613:47
Notification of Major Interests in Shares18-10-201609:11
Glencore US Dollar Bond Tender Offer03-10-201616:56
Price Monitoring Extension19-09-201612:02
Notification of Major Interest in Shares09-09-201616:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares01-09-201607:00
2016 Half-Year Report24-08-201607:00
Price Monitoring Extension04-08-201612:02
Notification of Major Interest in Shares22-07-201607:00
Price Monitoring Extension30-06-201612:02
Payments to Governments Report 201529-06-201610:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn22-06-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension22-06-201616:35
Sale of add. 9.99% stake in Glencore Agri to bcIMC09-06-201607:00
Results of the 2016 AGM19-05-201613:21
First Quarter 2016 Production Report04-05-201607:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares26-04-201616:29
Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)18-04-201607:00
Sale of 40% stake in Glencore Agri to CPPIB06-04-201607:54
PDMR Shareholding21-03-201616:30
2015 Annual Report of Glencore plc08-03-201607:00
Price Monitoring Extension04-03-201616:35
Preliminary Results 201501-03-201607:00
Preliminary Results 2015 Presentation on 1 March1619-02-201610:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn17-02-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension17-02-201616:35
Early refinancing of Revolving Credit Facility17-02-201607:00
Streaming Transaction - Antapaccay11-02-201607:00
Production Report 201511-02-201607:00
2015 Investor Update10-12-201507:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares30-11-201515:16
Glencore investor update call 201519-11-201507:00
Streaming Transaction - Antamina04-11-201507:00
Corporate update and 3Q 2015 Production Report04-11-201507:00
2016 Corporate Calendar28-10-201507:00
Proposed Sale of Copper Mines12-10-201507:00
Glencore to reduce mine production of zinc09-10-201507:00
Price Monitoring Extension07-10-201516:35
Glencore Funding Factsheet06-10-201512:55
Second Price Monitoring Extn05-10-201516:40
Price Monitoring Extension05-10-201516:35
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Announcement05-10-201507:52
Notification of transaction of PDMR02-10-201507:58
Notification of transaction of a PDMR01-10-201512:32
Total Voting Rights01-10-201507:00
Notification of transaction of PDMR30-09-201514:22
Media Statement30-09-201507:08
Notification of Major Interest in Shares21-09-201510:46
Interim Distribution Currency Amounts18-09-201511:34
Notification of transaction of a PDMR16-09-201516:36
Notification of transaction of a PDMR16-09-201516:36
Notification of transaction of a PDMR16-09-201516:34
Notification of transaction of a PDMR16-09-201516:34
Notification of transaction of a PDMR16-09-201516:32
Notification of transaction of a PDMR16-09-201516:25
Results of placing of 1,307,794,600 new shares16-09-201507:09
Update of Katanga14-09-201510:07
African Copper - Operational Update07-09-201507:01
Update on Glencore's plans to reduce net debt07-09-201507:00
Notification of transaction of PDMR02-09-201516:51
Total Voting Rights01-09-201507:03
Notification of transaction of a PDMR21-08-201509:05
Notification of transaction of a PDMR19-08-201516:08
2015 Half Year Report19-08-201507:00
Sales of Tampakan, Falcondo and Sipilou14-08-201507:00
2015 Half Year Production Report13-08-201507:00
2015 Half year Prod.Report&2015 Half year Result05-08-201507:00
Sale of Stake Sagittarius Mines & Tampakan Project24-06-201508:27
Holding(s) in Company12-06-201512:00
2015 Interim Distribution Timetable12-06-201510:00
Notification of transactions of PDMR02-06-201509:54
Notification of transactions of PDMR19-05-201509:19
Lonmin Distribution - further information13-05-201511:29
Results of 2015 AGM07-05-201514:38
1st Quarter 2015 Production Report Announcement05-05-201507:01
2014 Final Distrib. determination of currency amt.01-05-201510:35
2014 Sustainability Report Published28-04-201507:28
Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)02-04-201507:00
Total Voting Rights01-04-201511:33
Director/PDMR Shareholding20-03-201515:15
Transaction in Own Shares16-03-201507:08
OAO Russneft restructuring-clarification13-03-201513:59
Notification of Major Interest in Shares13-03-201508:00
Transaction in Own Shares12-03-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares11-03-201507:00
Director Declaration09-03-201515:39
Transaction in Own Shares09-03-201507:00
Director / PDMR Shareholding06-03-201515:01
Transaction in Own Shares04-03-201507:00
Preliminary Results 201403-03-201507:00
Preliminary Results 2014 Presentation 3 March 201518-02-201507:00
Glencore's 23.9% stake in Lonmin plc11-02-201507:00
Production Report 201411-02-201507:00
Announcement 2014 Production Report06-02-201514:52
Notification of Major Interest in Shares05-02-201507:17
Total Voting Rights02-02-201509:18
Transaction in Own Shares20-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares19-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares16-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares15-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares14-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares13-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares12-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares09-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares08-01-201507:00
Transaction in Own Shares07-01-201507:00
2015 Corporate Calendar06-01-201515:55
Transaction in Own Shares06-01-201507:00
Total Voting Rights02-01-201507:00
Director / PDMR Shareholding31-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares31-12-201407:00
Director / PDMR Shareholding30-12-201409:14
Transaction in Own Shares30-12-201407:00
Director / PDMR Shareholding29-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares29-12-201407:00
Director / PDMR Shareholding24-12-201411:53
Share buyback programme24-12-201407:01
Transaction in Own Shares24-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares23-12-201407:00
Total Voting Rights22-12-201407:01
Transaction in Own Shares22-12-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shaes19-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares19-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares18-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares17-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares16-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares15-12-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares12-12-201415:44
Transaction in Own Shares12-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares11-12-201407:00
2014 Investor Day10-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares10-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares09-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares08-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares05-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares04-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares03-12-201407:00
Investor Day 2014 Announcement02-12-201411:00
Total Voting Rights02-12-201410:08
Transaction in Own Shares02-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares01-12-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares28-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares27-11-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares25-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares25-11-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares24-11-201407:35
Transaction in Own Shares24-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares21-11-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares20-11-201409:36
Transaction in Own Shares20-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares19-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares18-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares17-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares14-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares13-11-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares12-11-201411:04
Transaction in Own Shares12-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares11-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares07-11-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares06-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares06-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares05-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares04-11-201407:00
IMS & Third Quarter 2014 Production Report04-11-201407:00
Total Voting Rights03-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares03-11-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares31-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares30-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares29-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares27-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares24-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares23-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares22-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares21-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares20-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares17-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares16-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares15-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares14-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares13-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares10-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares09-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares08-10-201407:00
Response to Press Speculation - Rio Tinto plc07-10-201415:01
Transaction in Own Shares07-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares06-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares03-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares02-10-201407:00
Total Voting Rights01-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares01-10-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares30-09-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares29-09-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares26-09-201407:00
Sell-Side Analyst Visits26-09-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares25-09-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares24-09-201407:56
Transaction in Own Shares24-09-201407:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares23-09-201408:00
Transaction in Own Shares23-09-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares19-09-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares18-09-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares17-09-201407:00
Transaction in Own Shares15-09-201407:06
Transaction in Own Shares12-09-201407:00
2014 Interim Distribution - currency amounts11-09-201408:56
Transaction in own shares11-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares10-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares09-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares08-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares05-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares04-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares03-09-201407:00
Total Voting Rights02-09-201411:47
Transaction in own shares02-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares01-09-201407:00
Transaction in own shares29-08-201407:00
Director / PDMR Shareholding28-08-201408:47
Director / PDMR shareholding28-08-201407:00
Transaction in own shares28-08-201407:00
Transaction in own shares27-08-201407:00
Transaction in own shares26-08-201407:00
Transaction in own shares21-08-201407:00
2014 Half-Year Report20-08-201407:00
2014 Half-Year Production Report13-08-201407:00
Completion of Sale Las Bambas Copper Mine Project01-08-201407:00
Satisfaction of Conditions re Sale of Las Bambas22-07-201411:51
Notification of Major Interest in Shares22-07-201407:00
Chief Executive Officer - External Appointment11-07-201408:11
Completion of Acquisition of Caracal08-07-201415:07
Convertible Bond Repurchases 1 July 201401-07-201407:00
New Director Appointment26-06-201407:00
Convertible Bond Repurchase Results17-06-201407:00
Convertible Bond - repurchase16-06-201409:35
2013 Final Distribution-determination of currency22-05-201409:09
Results of the 2014 AGM20-05-201413:43
Appointment of Chairman08-05-201407:00
Production Report06-05-201407:01
Notification of Major Interest in Shares01-05-201407:54
Announcement of Notice of AGM17-04-201407:00
2013 Annual Report Announcement18-03-201409:43
Preliminary Results 201304-03-201407:00
Director Declaration27-02-201407:00
2014 Distribution Timetable30-01-201407:00
2014 Corporate Calendar08-01-201407:00