Headline Date Published
Statement re Media Speculation09-05-201714:43
Planning Application Update03-05-201707:00
Change of Registered Office05-04-201711:37
OGA Extends Retention Area Periods for Horse Hill04-04-201707:00
Notice of AGM and Posting of Financial Statements09-03-201707:00
Directorate Change and Appointment of Co-Broker01-03-201707:00
Final Results28-02-201707:00
Upgrade to Portland Oil Resources, Weald Basin07-02-201707:00
Holding(s) in Company23-01-201712:44
Holding(s) in Company23-01-201712:43
P1916 Offshore Isle of Wight Licence Extension19-01-201707:00
Exercise of Options08-12-201607:00
Drilling Plans & Oil in Place Update05-12-201607:00
Jason Berry21-11-201615:00
Planning Application for Appraisal Programme17-10-201607:00
Grant of Options28-09-201607:00
Exercise of Options22-09-201611:30
Appraisal & Development Planning Submission20-09-201610:58
Holding(s) in Company12-08-201609:22
Pre-Completion of Acquisition of 100% in Licence05-08-201616:03
Update re Acquisition of 100% in Licence04-08-201616:40
Acquisition of Further Interest in Horse Hill-122-07-201607:00
Upgrade to Portland Oil in Place, Weald Basin19-07-201607:00
Key Licence Extensions, Weald Basin05-07-201607:00
Unaudited results for the 6 months ended 31 March28-06-201607:00
PEDL143 Holmwood Licence Extension27-06-201607:00
Acquisition of 100% interest in Licence13-06-201607:00
Placing - Further Funding for Weald Basin26-05-201610:30
Impact of Kimmeridge Limestone Oil on UK Economy18-04-201607:01
UKOG buys Angus Energy's stake in Horse Hill -118-04-201607:00
Statement re share price movement08-04-201616:49
Result of AGM04-04-201616:42
Total Voting Rights31-03-201615:54
Horse Hill-1 Flow Test21-03-201608:00
Replacement: Notice of AGM11-03-201617:00
Notice of AGM and Posting of Financial Statements11-03-201616:09
Exercise of Warrants10-03-201615:54
Further Update on Horse Hill-1 Flow Test09-03-201607:00
Further Update on Horse Hill-1 Flow Test02-03-201607:00
Exercise of Warrants01-03-201615:24
Further Update on HH-1 Flow Test01-03-201607:00
Further Update on Flow Test17-02-201607:00
Update on Flow Test16-02-201607:00
Horse Hill-1 Flow Test Operations Commence08-02-201607:00
Xodus Assessment of Arreton-2 Oil Discovery28-01-201607:00
Final Flow Test Consent04-01-201607:00
OGA Approval of Second PEDL143 Farm-In18-12-201507:00
UKOG Offered Isle of Wight Licence in 14th Round17-12-201512:34
Flow Test Consent from the UK Environment Agency30-11-201511:15
Acquisition of Additional Interest in PEDL14323-11-201507:00
OGA Approval of PEDL143 Farm-In18-11-201507:00
Admission Application Announcement12-11-201507:13
Application for Admission to ISDX30-10-201507:00
Directorate Change23-10-201510:58
Holding(s) in Company22-10-201512:23
Nutech Assessment of UKOG Weald Basin Interests21-10-201507:00
Markwells Wood Planning Permission Extension16-10-201507:00
Conceptual Low-Impact Oil Development Plan05-10-201507:00
Holmwood Planning Approval23-09-201515:56
Senior Management Appointment18-09-201507:00
Markwells Wood Oil Field Competent Persons Report14-09-201507:00
Schlumberger Independent Assessment of Horse Hill26-08-201507:05
Update - PEDL14307-08-201516:48
Board Changes08-07-201511:04
Farm-in to PEDL14329-06-201507:00
Unaudited results for the 6 months ended 31 March24-06-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company18-06-201518:00
Independent Assessment of Horse Hill Licences18-06-201507:00
Offshore Isle of Wight Licence Extension15-06-201507:00
Result of Placing10-06-201517:25
Proposed Placing10-06-201516:30
Media Speculation10-06-201510:51
Suspension - UK Oil & Gas Investments Plc04-06-201507:30
Announcement regarding temporary suspension04-06-201507:30
Result of AGM20-05-201511:21
Licence Extensions13-05-201514:00
Response to press article05-05-201507:01
Update - Horse Hill, UK Weald Basin28-04-201507:00
Notice of AGM24-04-201513:00
Exercise of Warrants and Options17-04-201516:38
Clarification of Press Comment15-04-201507:00
Clarification re 9 April announcement15-04-201507:00
Clarification re: 9 April Announcement15-04-201507:00
Clarification re 9 April announcement15-04-201507:00
Significant upgrade of the Horse Hill discovery09-04-201507:00
Update on P1916 Prospect25-03-201507:00
UKOG further increases its interest in Horse Hill13-03-201507:00
UKOG Completes Acquisitions12-03-201507:00
UKOG increases its interest in Horse Hill09-03-201507:00
Acquisition of 40% Interest in Markwells Wood20-02-201507:00
Further increase of interest in P191603-02-201510:51
Acquisition of Interests in Core UK Oil Assets02-02-201507:00
UKOG signs alliance with reservoir specialist30-01-201509:19
New CEO Appointment27-01-201510:00
Change of Adviser22-01-201510:10
Dismissal of Adviser22-01-201507:00
Horse Hill-1 Oil Discovery Update17-12-201412:11
Exercise of Warrants21-11-201416:41
Change of Adviser20-11-201407:00
Final Results18-11-201409:40
Update on newly acquired UK oil assets11-11-201409:43
Horse Hill-1 Provisional Results at TD05-11-201408:00
Total Voting Rights03-11-201411:23
US$10m debt facility and UK 14th Round Application29-10-201407:00
Closure of YAGM Swap27-10-201407:00
Portland Oil Discovery, Horse Hill-124-10-201407:00
Acquisition Completion Replacement20-10-201410:26
Acquisition Completion20-10-201407:00
Drilling Update, Horse Hill-1, Weald Basin UK16-10-201411:30
Placing and Total Voting Rights08-10-201417:55
Drilling Report06-10-201407:00
Establishment of Employee Benefit Trust29-09-201417:06
Drilling Update, Horse Hill-1, Weald Basin UK29-09-201411:00
Drilling Update, Horse Hill-1, Weald Basin UK24-09-201413:00
Investing Policy Substantially Implemented19-09-201409:28
Increase in Horse Hill Acreage Holding04-09-201414:00
Drilling commences at Horse Hill03-09-201407:00
Total Voting Rights29-08-201416:42
Exercise of Warrants13-08-201416:42
Increase in Horse Hill interest to 20%13-08-201407:00
Update on Horse Hill06-08-201412:00
Issue of Equity and Total Voting Rights25-07-201407:00
New Investment24-07-201407:00
Update - Horse Hill21-07-201407:00
Lidsey Oil Field Update02-07-201414:00
Unaudited results for the 6 months ended 31 March30-06-201415:12
Exercise of Warrants27-06-201417:07
Horse Hill Development Update27-06-201407:00
Update on Horse Hill-1 Well16-06-201407:00
Update on Investment in Lidsey Oil Field11-06-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company05-06-201414:38
Equity Placement and Total Voting Rights28-05-201416:33
Update on UK onshore oil investments16-05-201410:00
Update - Brockham Oil Field, Weald Basin UK01-04-201407:00
Result of AGM31-03-201411:08
Capital Structure26-03-201407:00
Partners with Angus Energy for onshore bid round20-03-201412:43
Update on investment13-03-201407:00
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM10-03-201412:06
Update on Investment04-03-201407:00
Total Voting Rights28-02-201416:57
Independent Report and Rig Booked, Brockham UK28-02-201412:13
Report and Accounts for year to 30 September 201328-02-201407:01
UKOG purchases 6% of UK on-shore oil producer03-02-201411:29
New Presentation27-01-201407:00
Agreement to buy 10% interest in UK oil fields15-01-201407:00
Share Issue06-01-201411:34