Headline Date Published
Final Results For The Year Ended 31 December 201622-05-201707:00
Annual General Meeting Announcement18-05-201707:00
Quarterly Update To 31 March 201724-04-201710:15
Director Resignation10-04-201708:28
Runruno Gold project Update15-03-201707:00
Appointment of Nominated Adviser and Broker18-01-201710:00
Director's Share Dealing13-01-201711:14
Holding(s) in Company12-01-201713:50
Director/PDMR Shareholding10-01-201709:50
Rescheduled Facility Agreement19-12-201610:48
Holding(s) in Company08-12-201608:12
First Gold Sale, Debt Rescheduling, Ramp Up29-11-201607:33
Equity Raising14-11-201607:00
Results of General Meeting of Shareholders04-10-201615:04
Interim Results30-09-201609:03
Holding(s) in Company15-09-201613:52
Notice of General Meeting14-09-201611:19
Equity Raising08-09-201609:54
Runruno Gold Project Update26-08-201611:38
Equity Raising25-07-201614:37
Runruno Gold Project Update15-07-201609:53
Runruno Gold Project Update13-07-201610:10
Runruno Gold Project Update30-06-201612:44
Result of AGM24-06-201612:01
Runruno Gold Project Update24-06-201610:32
First Gold Pour13-06-201607:46
Final Results26-05-201614:12
Notice of AGM25-05-201609:15
Runruno Gold Project Update11-05-201609:36
Lifting of Partial Suspension Order25-04-201609:24
Notice of General Meeting04-04-201607:00
Director's Share Dealing29-03-201616:15
Holding(s) in Company21-03-201613:00
Holding(s) in Company21-03-201612:55
Total Voting Rights18-03-201611:45
Equity Raising11-03-201612:49
Partial Suspension Order Update07-03-201608:56
Runruno Project Update26-01-201610:13
Update on Partial Suspension Order & Permitting01-12-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company03-11-201512:57
Mines and Geosciences Bureau Order28-10-201510:15
Result of Open Offer & Issue of Equity27-10-201515:39
Typhoon Koppu19-10-201511:17
Results of General Meeting15-10-201511:20
Open Offer Circular & Notice of General Meeting28-09-201507:00
Total Voting Rights24-09-201509:19
Half Yearly Report24-09-201507:00
Placing, Open Offer & Debt Security18-09-201507:00
Commissioning and Funding Update07-08-201513:00
Holding(s) in Company29-07-201510:18
Result of AGM30-06-201515:23
Final Results04-06-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company16-04-201512:11
Holding(s) in Company16-04-201512:08
Holding(s) in Company04-02-201512:36
Directorate Change19-01-201507:48
Half Yearly Report30-09-201407:00
Principal Shareholder Restructure11-09-201407:00
Result of AGM26-06-201413:17
Runruno Project Financing Concluded28-05-201411:07
Final Results23-05-201407:17
Notice of AGM and Distribution of Annual Report23-05-201407:16
Holding(s) in Company02-04-201410:12
Operational Update to February11-03-201407:00
Appointment of Non-Executive Director07-03-201412:34
Writ of Kalikasan dismissed03-03-201408:55