Headline Date Published
Termination of American Depository Receipt Program12-04-201707:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn10-04-201716:40
Price Monitoring Extension10-04-201716:35
Licence Update21-03-201707:00
Price Monitoring Extension16-02-201716:35
Price Monitoring Extension14-02-201716:35
Second Price Monitoring Extn01-02-201716:40
Price Monitoring Extension01-02-201716:35
Interim results for the six months to 30 June 201627-09-201607:00
Result of Annual General Meeting31-08-201613:31
Second Price Monitoring Extn26-08-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension26-08-201616:35
Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report27-06-201607:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn03-06-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension03-06-201616:35
Second Price Monitoring Extn25-05-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension25-05-201616:35
Second Price Monitoring Extn27-04-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension27-04-201616:35
Compensation and Option Plan revisions04-04-201607:00
Final Results for the year ended 31 December 201521-03-201607:00
Passing of the Petroleum Bill05-02-201607:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn03-02-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension03-02-201616:35
Company Update13-01-201607:00
Passing of the Petroleum Bill22-12-201507:00
Petroleum Bill Second Reading16-12-201516:18
Second Price Monitoring Extn09-10-201516:40
Price Monitoring Extension09-10-201516:35
Price Monitoring Extension21-09-201516:35
Second Price Monitoring Extn04-08-201516:40
Price Monitoring Extension04-08-201516:35
Result of AGM23-07-201514:00
Half Yearly Report23-07-201507:00
Notice of AGM22-06-201507:00
Licence Renewal Addendum17-06-201507:00
Final Results08-06-201507:00
Second reading of the Petroleum Bill21-05-201507:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn18-05-201516:40
Price Monitoring Extension18-05-201516:35
Licence and Well Obligation extensions18-05-201507:00
Change of Advisor07-04-201513:20
Commercial and Regulatory Update16-02-201507:00
Grant of Share Options18-12-201408:00
Petroleum Act put before Parliment18-12-201407:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn08-10-201416:40
Price Monitoring Extension08-10-201416:35
Petroleum Act and Associated Regulations Update08-10-201416:18
Grant of Share Options26-09-201407:00
Interim Results15-09-201407:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn05-09-201416:40
Price Monitoring Extension05-09-201416:35
Result of AGM04-08-201414:57
Posting of Annual Report and Accounts30-07-201414:23
Notice of AGM23-06-201407:00
Director dealings20-05-201413:58
Final Results12-05-201407:00
Directorate Changes and Operations Update24-04-201407:00
Licence Applications with Statoil to Revert to BPC20-01-201407:00