Headline Date Published
Application for additional Block Listing18-05-201709:43
Final results for the year ended 31 December 201615-05-201715:36
Confirmation of strategic alliance with Morimatsu03-03-201707:00
Total Voting Rights01-03-201710:00
Video of ENVIA Energy's Oklahoma City GTL plant06-02-201707:01
First product at ENVIA Energy's GTL plant06-02-201707:00
Total Voting Rights01-02-201717:02
Establishment of a strategic alliance with TRI26-01-201707:00
Establishment of strategic alliance with Morimatsu17-01-201707:00
Block listing Interim Review03-01-201707:00
Strategy update: "building the business"13-12-201607:00
Interim results for the 6 months ended 30 June 1626-09-201607:00
Directorate Change21-09-201607:01
Construction complete at ENVIA's GTL plant21-09-201607:00
Holding(s) in Company24-08-201608:54
Business update07-07-201607:00
Holding(s) in Company05-07-201607:00
Block listing Interim Review01-07-201609:00
Result of AGM14-06-201616:39
Mailing of 2015 annual report; notice of 2016 AGM20-05-201607:00
Final results for the year ended 31 December 201527-04-201607:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn21-03-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension21-03-201616:35
Price Monitoring Extension14-03-201616:35
Vesting of Restricted Stock Unit Award14-03-201611:40
Study commences on UK-based waste-to-liquids plant24-02-201607:00
ENVIA Energy GTL plant project progress05-02-201607:00
Appointment of David Pummell as CEO06-01-201607:00
Blocklisting Interim Review04-01-201616:09
Second Price Monitoring Extn31-12-201512:40
Price Monitoring Extension31-12-201512:35
Appointment of Non-executive Director09-12-201507:00
Total Voting Rights01-12-201512:03
Holding(s) in Company01-12-201507:00
Technology optimisation, improving plant economics26-11-201507:00
Directorate Change24-11-201509:54
Second Price Monitoring Extn18-11-201516:40
Price Monitoring Extension18-11-201516:35
Second Price Monitoring Extn02-11-201516:40
Price Monitoring Extension02-11-201516:35
Appointment of Non-executive Director30-09-201507:01
Interim results for the period ended 30 June 201530-09-201507:00
Settlement of US IP infringement case23-09-201507:00
Manufacture of reactors and catalyst complete02-09-201507:00
Total Voting Rights01-09-201509:30
Directorate Change11-08-201507:00
Suspension of Director06-07-201507:00
Blocklisting Interim Review02-07-201509:44
Result of AGM23-06-201512:29
Holding(s) in Company02-06-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company26-05-201516:07
Posting of Annual Report & Accounts; Notice of AGM22-05-201514:00
Holding(s) in Company21-05-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company18-05-201510:33
Holding(s) in Company15-05-201507:00
Final results for the year ended 31 December 201428-04-201507:00
Total Voting Rights02-03-201517:06
Grant of share-based incentive awards27-02-201507:55
Holding(s) in Company25-02-201516:07
Notice of General Meeting05-02-201517:10
Total Voting Rights03-02-201512:34
Holding(s) in Company20-01-201507:00
Appointment of Senior Independent Director09-01-201508:34
CompactGTL's permission to appeal refused08-01-201507:00
Total Voting Rights02-01-201515:16
Blocklisting Interim Review02-01-201515:12
Director share dealing16-12-201409:30
Holding(s) in Company16-12-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company03-12-201407:00
Total Voting Rights01-12-201415:08
Total Voting Rights03-11-201417:36
Holding(s) in Company22-10-201417:55
Holding(s) in Company21-10-201411:34
Holding(s) in Company20-10-201417:51
Placing Approved17-10-201414:53
Velocys wins injunction against CompactGTL03-10-201408:25
Half Yearly Report29-09-201407:00
Velocys wins patent case22-09-201410:10
$70 million construction grant22-09-201407:00
Total Voting Rights01-08-201415:58
Commercial GTL plant go-ahead29-07-201407:00
Total Voting Rights04-07-201417:12
Blocklisting Interim Review04-07-201410:24
Holding(s) in Company03-07-201417:00
Acquisition of Pinto Energy and Ashtabula GTL25-06-201407:00
Result of AGM10-06-201412:26
Holding(s) in Company04-06-201416:56
Total Voting Rights03-06-201416:51
Holding(s) in Company13-05-201417:29
Notice of AGM08-05-201416:11
Holding(s) in Company02-05-201416:22
Holding(s) in Company01-05-201411:34
Total Voting Rights01-05-201409:24
GreenSky London Site Selection16-04-201407:00
Grant of Options02-04-201407:00
Final results for the year ended 31 December 201327-03-201407:00
Notice of Full Year Results25-03-201407:01
GTL joint venture24-03-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company12-03-201415:30
Manufacturing Partnership and New Share Purchase11-03-201407:00
Total Voting Rights03-03-201417:21
Holding(s) in Company23-01-201412:46
Commercial reactor sale06-01-201407:00