Headline Date Published
Issue of shares pursuant to convertible bonds04-05-201707:00
Notification of admission to the Main Market28-04-201708:18
Publication of Prospectus25-04-201713:10
Holding(s) in Company30-03-201712:53
Correction: Proposed Move to Main Market29-03-201713:01
Project quarterly update for Q1 201728-03-201707:02
Proposed Move to Main Market28-03-201707:01
Financial results 201628-03-201707:00
Holding(s) in Company13-03-201707:00
Executive director appointment02-02-201707:00
Future project reporting19-01-201707:00
Director/PDMR Dealing & Option Adjustments01-12-201613:00
Director/PDMR Dealing & Holdings in Company30-11-201617:20
Admission of New Ordinary Shares28-11-201608:01
Results of General Meeting24-11-201612:39
Results of Open Offer24-11-201607:00
Publication of Prospectus and Circular03-11-201613:56
Convertible Bond Offering Results03-11-201607:03
Results of Firm Placing and Placing03-11-201607:00
Convertible Bond Offering02-11-201607:14
Launch of Comprehensive Stage 1 Financing Solution02-11-201607:13
Royalty financing agreement25-10-201607:00
Harbour Facilities - Judicial Review period expiry08-09-201607:00
Exercise of options01-09-201610:41
Financing - progress update01-09-201607:00
Interim results for period to 30 June 201616-08-201607:00
Block Listing Application - update09-08-201607:00
Approvals update - Harbour approval secured20-07-201610:36
Block Listing Application19-07-201617:02
Results of Annual General Meeting24-06-201613:30
Capital funding requirement reduction24-06-201607:00
Offtake agreement08-06-201607:00
Selection of preferred contractors02-06-201607:00
Notice of AGM20-05-201607:00
De-icing salt opportunity19-05-201607:00
Polyhalite reserve increase17-05-201607:00
Employee incentive awards & director shareholding13-05-201607:00
Non-executive director change12-05-201607:00
Agronomy update webcast03-05-201607:00
Director dealing29-04-201607:00
Replacement - Director dealing28-04-201610:56
Director dealing28-04-201607:00
Financial results for period to 31 December 201525-04-201607:00
DFS defines world-class fertilizer business17-03-201607:00
DFS announcement date15-03-201607:00
Change of accounting reference date10-03-201607:00
Agronomy webcast update22-02-201607:00
DFS update27-01-201607:00
Take or Pay Offtake Agreement24-12-201507:00
Judicial Review period expiry and DFS timing02-12-201507:00
Confirmation of total warrants exercised04-11-201507:00
Share issue update following warrant expiry02-11-201507:00
Warrant Expiry - Reminder23-10-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company21-10-201510:29
Approvals update - Final decision notice20-10-201507:00
Director Dealing and Warrant Update19-10-201507:00
Director dealing08-10-201507:00
Broker appointment and Change of Nomad07-10-201507:00
Approvals update - Decision notice expected06-10-201507:00
Notification of Director's circumstances05-10-201518:10
Share Issue Update Following Warrant Conversions01-10-201507:00
Director Dealing30-09-201507:00
Result of AGM25-09-201512:08
Infrastructure UK prequalification22-09-201507:00
Result of Warrant Holder Meeting04-09-201512:20
Share Issue Update Following Warrant Conversions01-09-201507:03
Approvals update - Decision notices25-08-201507:01
Notice of AGM25-08-201507:00
Notice of Warrant Holder Meeting21-08-201507:00
Major offtake agreement upgrade19-08-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company05-08-201511:23
Corn and Soybean Crop Study Results04-08-201507:01
Share Issue Update Following Warrant Conversions03-08-201507:00
Financial results for the year ended 31 March 201530-07-201507:01
Directorate Change27-07-201507:00
Approvals update14-07-201512:28
Status update following key approvals10-07-201507:00
Option Exercise09-07-201512:00
Restoration - Sirius Minerals Plc01-07-201507:30
Approvals update - Mine permit approval01-07-201507:30
Suspension - Sirius Minerals Plc30-06-201507:31
Share Issue Update Following Warrant Conversions29-06-201516:35
Approvals update - Officers report published18-06-201507:00
Approvals update10-06-201507:00
Brazil Potato and Tomato Crop Study Results18-05-201507:00
Approvals update - planning officer report14-05-201507:00
Approvals update - special committee date08-05-201507:00
Approvals update - MHF approval30-04-201507:00
Restoration - Sirius Minerals plc23-04-201513:00
Approvals update - Redcar approval23-04-201512:41
Suspension - Sirius Minerals Plc23-04-201507:30
Temporary trading suspension22-04-201517:00
Approvals update - Harbour Facilities22-04-201507:00
Approvals update - Supporting applications17-04-201507:03
Approvals update - First decision date15-04-201515:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares10-04-201507:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares09-04-201507:00
Remuneration Report & Lapse of Options08-04-201507:01
Potato Trial Results02-04-201507:00
Option Exercise01-04-201507:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares27-03-201507:00
Option Exercise23-03-201507:00
Results of Placing11-03-201512:05
Proposed Placing of New Ordinary Shares11-03-201507:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares05-03-201507:00
Corn and Rice Crop Study Results02-03-201507:00
Issue of Equity27-02-201507:00
Approvals update18-02-201507:00
Silage Corn Crop Study Results04-02-201507:00
Approvals update - Harbour Facilities15-01-201507:00
Maiden animal feed take-or-pay offtake agreement12-01-201507:00
Approvals status update08-01-201507:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn31-12-201412:40
Price Monitoring Extension31-12-201412:35
Approvals status update23-12-201407:00
Additional take-or-pay offtake agreement and sales19-12-201407:00
Approvals update15-12-201414:15
Approvals update11-12-201407:00
Management Change10-12-201407:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares01-12-201407:00
Barley Crop Study Results13-11-201407:00
Chilli Pepper and Celery Crop Study Results29-10-201407:00
York Potash Project - approvals submissions30-09-201407:00
CFO appointment26-09-201407:00
Tanzanian Joint Venture MoU25-09-201407:00
Cabbage Crop Study Results24-09-201407:00
Results of Annual General Meeting23-09-201414:11
Project schedule clarification16-09-201411:55
Exercise of Options12-09-201407:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares04-09-201407:00
Director Dealing02-09-201407:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares29-08-201407:00
Annual Report and AGM27-08-201407:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares26-08-201407:00
Exercise of Options and Share Issue19-08-201407:00
Director dealing18-08-201411:33
Polyhalite Take or Pay Offtake Agreement18-08-201407:00
Tomato Crop Study Results11-08-201407:00
Preliminary results for year ended 31 March 201407-08-201407:00
Management changes and office closure06-08-201407:00
York Potash approvals update01-08-201407:00
York Potash Project approvals status update07-07-201407:00
MoU with Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture02-07-201407:00
York Potash public consultation27-06-201407:00
Warrant listing announcement02-06-201407:00
Director Share Issue30-05-201407:00
Updated Presentation21-05-201407:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares13-05-201407:00
Latest Crop Study Webcast30-04-201407:00
FY14 Remuneration Report07-04-201416:21
Mineral Transport System (MTS) Q&A Document20-03-201407:00
Appointment of WH Ireland as joint broker20-03-201407:00
Board Appointment18-03-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company14-03-201409:25
Issue of Warrants14-03-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company13-03-201415:42
Holding(s) in Company13-03-201412:04
Results of Placing06-03-201417:42
Proposed Placing of New Ordinary Shares06-03-201407:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn26-02-201416:40
Price Monitoring Extension26-02-201416:35
Mineral Transport System26-02-201407:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares04-02-201407:00
Recent Crop Study Results27-01-201407:00
Issue of Convertible Security and Ordinary Shares24-01-201407:00
Polyhalite Take or Pay Offtake Agreement21-01-201407:00
York Potash Approvals Update14-01-201407:00
Issue and Allotment of Ordinary Shares06-01-201407:00