Headline Date Published
Capital Reorganisation - notice of petition16-05-201717:08
Director/PDMR Shareholding12-05-201714:00
Result of AGM11-05-201718:03
AGM Statement11-05-201713:55
Directorate Change11-05-201713:45
RBSG priced $3.0 billion Senior Notes11-05-201710:30
Publication of Supplementary Prospectus09-05-201717:40
RBS Holdings N.V. and Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.28-04-201717:55
Publication of Supplementary Prospectus28-04-201717:25
Total Voting Rights28-04-201710:50
1st Quarter Results28-04-201707:00
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares24-04-201717:30
Block listing Interim Review19-04-201716:48
Notice of AGM06-04-201714:00
Filing of Annual Report on Form 20F with SEC27-03-201711:05
Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference21-03-201709:30
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-03-201714:30
Publication of Final Terms06-03-201716:59
Total Voting Rights28-02-201714:40
Director/PDMR Shareholding27-02-201716:45
Additional Listing27-02-201715:00
Publication of Suppl.Prospcts24-02-201717:22
Directorate Change24-02-201707:06
Annual Financial Report24-02-201707:01
Final Results24-02-201707:00
Dividend Declaration23-02-201712:25
Update on RBS's remaining State Aid obligation20-02-201707:00
Total Voting Rights31-01-201715:37
Additional provision for US RMBS investigations26-01-201707:00
Ring-fencing Legal Entity Transfers03-01-201715:00
Total Voting Rights30-12-201611:43
Publication of a Prospectus16-12-201618:04
RBS Investor Seminar09-12-201608:30
Majority settlement of 2008 shareholder Litigation05-12-201607:00
Total Voting Rights30-11-201614:36
Statement re 2016 stress test results30-11-201607:03
Dividend Declaration22-11-201615:35
Publication of Suppl.Prospcts22-11-201614:55
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares16-11-201618:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding09-11-201615:01
RBS Launches a New Complaints Process08-11-201607:00
Total Voting Rights31-10-201615:40
Interim Management Statement28-10-201607:00
Block listing Interim Review06-10-201616:15
Total Voting Rights30-09-201613:37
Proposed Future Ring Fenced Structure and Brands30-09-201607:00
RBS Settles Certain RMBS Claims with the NCUA28-09-201607:00
Bank of America Merrill Lynch CEO Conference27-09-201608:30
Barclays Global Financial Services Conference12-09-201614:30
RBSG priced $2.65 billion Senior Notes08-09-201607:00
Allotment and Issue of new Ordinary shares02-09-201617:44
Total Voting Rights31-08-201614:43
Dividend Declaration25-08-201607:02
Redemption of USD Preference Shares Series R and T25-08-201607:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding23-08-201615:00
Publication of Suppl.Prospcts19-08-201614:15
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-08-201615:30
Half Year Report - Part 205-08-201607:00
Half Year Report - Part 105-08-201607:00
2016 EBA EU-wide stress test results01-08-201607:07
Total Voting Rights29-07-201615:18
VocaLink Holdings Limited Shareholding21-07-201613:15
Total Voting Rights30-06-201613:18
Holding(s) in Company29-06-201613:36
Dividend Declaration27-06-201617:12
Price Monitoring Extension24-06-201612:02
Goldman Sachs European Financials Conference09-06-201608:00
Publication of a Prospectus07-06-201617:30
Notification of Major Interest in Shares01-06-201617:25
Dividend Declaration26-05-201617:15
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares24-05-201617:56
Appointment of a Non-Executive Director16-05-201610:00
Notices of Redemption16-05-201607:07
Director/PDMR Shareholding11-05-201615:39
Notices of Redemption10-05-201612:40
AGM Statement04-05-201613:55
Total Voting Rights and Capital changes29-04-201614:17
Interim Management Statement29-04-201607:00
RBS Holdings N.V. and Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.28-04-201617:41
Update on the disposal of Williams & Glyn28-04-201613:55
Dividend Declaration26-04-201616:04
Form 8.3 - Electronic Data Processing plc20-04-201615:03
Holding(s) in Company15-04-201609:22
Impact of recent Liability Management Exercise11-04-201609:00
Notice of AGM01-04-201614:00
Total Voting Rights31-03-201614:11
RBSG priced $1.5 billion Senior Notes31-03-201607:00
RBS and HMT to retire the DAS22-03-201607:50
Publication of Final Terms18-03-201614:31
Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference15-03-201608:45
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-03-201614:14
Publication of Prospectus07-03-201614:14
Total Voting Rights29-02-201616:51
Director/PDMR Shareholding29-02-201614:00
RBS February 2016 Restatement04-02-201615:59
Total Voting Rights29-01-201614:55
Trading Statement27-01-201607:00
Holding(s) in Company07-01-201611:02
Total Voting Rights06-01-201611:43
Total Voting Rights31-12-201510:50
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares17-12-201517:32
Appointment of a Non-Executive Director17-12-201508:59
Update on the disposal of Williams & Glyn - Amend16-12-201507:27
Update on the disposal of Williams & Glyn16-12-201507:00
Disposal of a portfolio of Irish Real Estate Loans07-12-201507:20
Statement re 2015 stress test results01-12-201507:07
Total Voting Rights30-11-201515:15
Impact of recent Liability Management Exercise26-11-201517:19
Publication of Prospectus23-11-201515:32
Dividend Declaration19-11-201517:11
RBS Investor Seminar: CIB12-11-201512:51
Director Declaration12-11-201509:54
Director/PDMR Shareholding10-11-201514:00
Visa Europe Shareholding02-11-201513:40
Total Voting Rights30-10-201515:35
Sale of Remainder of Citizens Financial Group Inc.30-10-201507:05
Interim Management Statement30-10-201507:00
Holding(s) in Company15-10-201516:00
Total Voting Rights14-10-201508:16
Conversion of Securities09-10-201507:00
Block Listing Six Monthly Return05-10-201514:33
Total Voting Rights30-09-201517:20
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Conference29-09-201508:30
Publication of Prospectus25-09-201511:27
Barclays Global Financial Services Conference17-09-201513:48
Sale of Portfolio of Corporate Loan Commitments10-09-201508:27
Total Voting Rights28-08-201513:54
Dividend Declaration20-08-201516:50
Form 8.3 - Sportech plc19-08-201517:01
Form 8.3 - Sportech plc17-08-201514:17
Publication of Prospectus14-08-201516:28
Director/PDMR Shareholding12-08-201514:00
RBSG successfully priced $3.15bn Additional Tier06-08-201507:00
Disposal of approximately 5.4% of RBS04-08-201507:00
Intention to dispose of approx 5.2% of RBS03-08-201516:45
Submission of Free Writing Prospectus03-08-201507:00
Total Voting Rights31-07-201515:15
Share Redemption30-07-201507:02
Half Yearly Report: Part 230-07-201507:01
Half Yearly Report: Part 130-07-201507:01
Issue of USD Additional Tier 1 Securities30-07-201507:01
Partial Sale of Citizens Financial Group, Inc.29-07-201507:01
Intention to Sell Part of Citizens Financial Group28-07-201512:20
Further Disposal of Loan Portfolio23-07-201516:00
Disposal of Loan Portfolio23-07-201507:00
Citizens Financial Group Q2 Results Released21-07-201513:10
Directorate Change14-07-201509:00
De-listing Notification30-06-201516:55
Total Voting Rights30-06-201516:30
Holding(s) in Company25-06-201513:40
Result of AGM23-06-201517:37
Annual General Meeting Statements23-06-201513:55
AGM 2015 - Update22-06-201516:18
Technology Transformation Webinar18-06-201508:00
Goldman Sachs European Financials Conference16-06-201508:06
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares11-06-201517:57
RBS notes credit ratings action by S&P09-06-201517:53
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-06-201514:05
Total Voting Rights29-05-201515:30
RBS notes credit ratings action by Moody's29-05-201507:00
Disposal of Further Portfolio of Loans26-05-201518:06
Dividend Declaration21-05-201516:28
Notice of AGM21-05-201515:21
RBS notes Fitch credit ratings action19-05-201518:03
Holding(s) in Company14-05-201516:43
RBS Holdings N.V. and Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.30-04-201516:22
Total Voting Rights30-04-201514:49
1st Quarter Results30-04-201507:00
RBS Announces Management Change at Williams & Glyn28-04-201510:58
Further Sale of North American Loan Portfolio27-04-201507:00
Dividend Declaration23-04-201517:22
Citizens 1Q 2015 Results22-04-201512:21
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares15-04-201517:56
Publication of Registration Document02-04-201517:59
Publication of Prospectus02-04-201517:57
Form TR-102-04-201516:56
Annual Report and Accounts 201431-03-201518:27
Total Voting Rights31-03-201517:18
Management Changes30-03-201513:07
Disposal of Private Banking and Wealth Businesses27-03-201507:30
Director Declaration26-03-201507:03
Partial Sale of Citizens Financial Group, Inc.26-03-201507:01
Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference24-03-201509:45
Intention to Sell Part of Citizens Financial Group23-03-201511:03
Director/PDMR Shareholding09-03-201516:13
Director/PDMR Shareholding06-03-201513:02
Remuneration Disclosures06-03-201513:00
Total Voting Rights27-02-201516:56
Sale of North American loan portfolio26-02-201507:05
Directorate Change26-02-201507:02
Final Results - Part 226-02-201507:02
Final Results - Part 126-02-201507:01
Dividend Declaration19-02-201517:45
Additional Listing19-02-201515:00
RBS notes credit ratings downgrade by S&P03-02-201517:56
Total Voting Rights30-01-201516:05
Form 8.3 - WYG plc29-01-201510:29
Citizens Full Year 2014 Results26-01-201512:12
Notices of Redemption21-01-201515:41
Holding(s) in Company15-01-201512:28
Notice of Redemption08-01-201512:20
Notice of Redemption08-01-201512:13
Total Voting Rights31-12-201412:07
Notices of Redemption23-12-201413:20
Publication of Prospectus23-12-201411:40
Notice of Redemption18-12-201415:00
Sale of a Portfolio of Irish Real Estate Loans16-12-201407:30
2014 Bank of England Stress Test Results16-12-201407:05
Holding(s) in Company15-12-201416:45
Director/PDMR Shareholding09-12-201417:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding05-12-201414:00
Total Voting Rights28-11-201415:42
Publication of Supplementary Prospectus27-11-201415:15
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares25-11-201417:52
Form 8.3 - Avanta Serviced Office Group plc24-11-201415:01
EBA Stress Test Result Correction21-11-201415:46
Dividend Declaration20-11-201416:40
FCA fines RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank Ltd20-11-201407:02
RBS Reaches I.T. Incident Settlement20-11-201407:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding07-11-201416:05
Total Voting Rights31-10-201416:13
Interim Management Statement31-10-201407:00
Board Change30-10-201409:04
Holding(s) in Company28-10-201415:30
Citizens Financial Group, Inc. Q3 2014 Results27-10-201411:42
Statement re 2014 EBA EU-wide stress test results27-10-201407:00
Statement re 2014 EBA EU-wide stress test results27-10-201407:00
Statement re 2014 EBA EU-wide stress test results27-10-201407:00
Block Listing Return10-10-201414:50
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-10-201415:13
Holding(s) in Company01-10-201416:36
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares30-09-201417:59
Total Voting Rights30-09-201415:54
Trading Update30-09-201407:00
Investor Round Table Commercial & Private Banking29-09-201410:00
Director Declaration25-09-201408:00
Pricing of the IPO of Citizens Financial Group24-09-201407:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding19-09-201414:57
Scottish Referendum11-09-201407:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding09-09-201415:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding09-09-201412:14
Barclays Global Financial Services Conference08-09-201414:29
IPO of Citizens Financial Group08-09-201412:25
Publication of Supplementary Prospectus03-09-201416:41
Total Voting Rights29-08-201416:22
FCA fines RBS and NatWest for failures in mortgage27-08-201407:17
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc21-08-201413:15
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc20-08-201413:38
Dividend Declaration18-08-201415:53
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc18-08-201412:58
Citizens Files Amended S115-08-201416:00
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc15-08-201413:31
Publication of Prospectus15-08-201409:32
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc13-08-201414:09
Director/PDMR Shareholding12-08-201412:00
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc11-08-201411:35
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-08-201414:00
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc08-08-201413:07
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc07-08-201413:17
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc06-08-201411:57
G-SIB Indicators Disclosure01-08-201408:00
Half Yearly Report - Part 301-08-201407:00
Half Yearly Report - Part 201-08-201407:00
Half Yearly Report - Part 101-08-201407:00
Total Voting Rights31-07-201416:30
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty30-07-201410:59
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty Plc29-07-201411:28
Form 8.3 - Balfour Beatty plc28-07-201412:31
Preliminary Interim Results 201425-07-201407:00
Restatement Document21-07-201408:28
Form 8.3 - Tamar European Industrial Fund Ltd11-07-201412:34
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-07-201413:46
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares03-07-201418:04
Additional Listing02-07-201414:03
Notification of Major Interest in Shares02-07-201411:37
Total Voting Rights30-06-201418:08
Notices of Redemption27-06-201417:02
Investor Round Table27-06-201410:15
Result of GM25-06-201417:35
Result of GM25-06-201417:34
Result of AGM25-06-201417:34
Director/PDMR Shareholding25-06-201414:20
AGM Statement25-06-201413:56
Final Terms - Euro Medium Term Note Programme23-06-201417:13
Form 8.3 - Tamar European Industrial Fund Ltd20-06-201413:19
Goldman Sachs European Financials Conference11-06-201409:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding10-06-201414:45
Director/PDMR Shareholding09-06-201415:00
Director/PDMR Shareholding06-06-201416:28
Notice of General Meetings02-06-201417:30
Total Voting Rights30-05-201415:44
Deutsche Bank GFS Investor Conference27-05-201415:15
Notice of AGM23-05-201411:13
RBSG Announces $2.25 billion Tier 2 Transaction22-05-201410:46
Director/PDMR Shareholding19-05-201415:00
Holding(s) in Company16-05-201416:38
Dividend Declaration15-05-201418:19
Director/PDMR Shareholding14-05-201416:00
Additional Listing14-05-201415:00
Publication of Supplementary Prospectus12-05-201415:27
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-05-201415:14
Director/PDMR Shareholding07-05-201414:51
Allotment and Issue of New Ordinary Shares02-05-201418:21
Directorate Change02-05-201407:01
Interim Management Statement02-05-201407:00
Filing of Annual Report on Form 20-F with US SEC01-05-201409:00
Total Voting Rights30-04-201416:20
RBS Holdings N.V30-04-201415:36
Annual Financial Report25-04-201417:07
Annual Financial Report25-04-201417:07
Annual Financial Report25-04-201407:03
Holding(s) in Company24-04-201411:31
Dividend Declaration23-04-201415:56
DAS - Revised State Aid Terms09-04-201418:15
Block Listing Return08-04-201416:20
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-04-201416:06
Directorate Change04-04-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company02-04-201412:55
Director/PDMR Shareholding01-04-201415:06
Total Voting Rights31-03-201417:29
RBSG SEC Registered Senior Notes Transaction28-03-201409:39
Stabilisation Notice26-03-201418:19
Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference25-03-201408:46
Publication of Final Terms24-03-201415:53
Publication of Prospectus19-03-201413:49
Publication of Prospectus10-03-201417:51
Director/PDMR Shareholding10-03-201416:51
Publication of Registration Document07-03-201418:24
Directorate Change07-03-201413:10
Director/PDMR Shareholding07-03-201413:00
Investor Meeting07-03-201413:00
Total Voting Rights28-02-201417:26
Director/PDMR Shareholding28-02-201415:30
Additional Listing28-02-201412:30
Completion of Sale of Remaining Interest in DLG27-02-201407:03
Directorate Change27-02-201407:01
Final Results - Part 6 of 627-02-201407:01
Final Results - Part 5 of 627-02-201407:01
Final Results - Part 4 of 627-02-201407:01
Final Results - Part 3 of 627-02-201407:01
Final Results - Part 2 of 627-02-201407:01
Final Results - Part 1 of 627-02-201407:00
Intention to Sell Remaining Interest in DLG26-02-201416:57
Dividend Declaration21-02-201416:14
RBS Structured Retail IP&ED Business19-02-201409:00
Correction: Total Voting Rights03-02-201417:19
Holding(s) in Company31-01-201416:24
Total Voting Rights31-01-201415:24
Holding(s) in Company30-01-201415:26
Trading Update27-01-201416:06
Holding(s) in Company16-01-201417:00
Notification of Major Interest in Shares09-01-201413:30
Director/PDMR Shareholding08-01-201409:13
Sale of selected Chicago-area operations07-01-201414:04