Perpetual Income And Growth Investment Trust Plc Share Price history. The following table shows end-of-day data PLI.L historical share prices for Perpetual Income And Growth Investment Trust Plc, including the Open, High, Low, Close prices, along with trading volumes. Historical prices are recorded daily from the closing price of the company once the stock market has closed.

Date Open High Low Close Volume
Mon, 22nd Jan 2018383.00383.00377.50381.00449,482
Fri, 19th Jan 2018380.00386.50378.00380.00275,870
Thu, 18th Jan 2018384.50384.50378.00378.50267,402
Wed, 17th Jan 2018384.00389.00379.00382.50316,033
Tue, 16th Jan 2018384.50386.00383.00383.00399,783
Mon, 15th Jan 2018387.00387.00381.00386.00319,041
Fri, 12th Jan 2018384.50387.50375.50375.50266,182
Thu, 11th Jan 2018386.00386.00382.00384.00287,904
Wed, 10th Jan 2018386.00386.00373.75383.00210,233
Tue, 9th Jan 20180.000.000.00383.00638,218
Mon, 8th Jan 2018387.00387.00376.50383.50164,888
Fri, 5th Jan 2018386.00388.00383.00385.25247,398
Thu, 4th Jan 2018383.50385.00380.00380.75201,413
Wed, 3rd Jan 2018383.00384.50376.50383.50303,255
Tue, 2nd Jan 2018380.50383.25379.50381.00309,436
Mon, 1st Jan 20180.000.000.00381.000
Fri, 29th Dec 2017380.30381.40379.65381.00164,557
Thu, 28th Dec 2017379.40389.00377.65379.4094,688
Wed, 27th Dec 20170.00387.550.00378.90173,736
Tue, 26th Dec 20170.000.000.00380.900
Mon, 25th Dec 20170.000.000.00380.900
Fri, 22nd Dec 2017380.90388.50377.50380.7555,628
Thu, 21st Dec 2017376.70380.00370.35377.50222,281
Wed, 20th Dec 2017379.50384.60373.30376.60209,994
Tue, 19th Dec 2017377.20391.95371.80376.00230,484
Mon, 18th Dec 2017377.90392.00373.45376.10278,553
Fri, 15th Dec 2017377.70377.70373.00374.00249,757
Thu, 14th Dec 2017374.90376.80373.00373.60221,143
Wed, 13th Dec 2017376.70377.00372.80374.90340,369
Tue, 12th Dec 2017377.30377.30372.00374.20272,011
Mon, 11th Dec 2017370.10374.90370.10373.00269,058
Fri, 8th Dec 2017372.20374.00372.00372.00221,936
Wed, 6th Dec 2017375.20379.40372.10377.40129,960
Tue, 5th Dec 2017378.50379.00376.60376.80199,873
Mon, 4th Dec 2017379.60381.90375.50377.60182,015
Fri, 1st Dec 2017375.80377.70375.00375.70169,707
Thu, 30th Nov 2017375.90377.90375.10376.30114,116
Wed, 29th Nov 2017377.50379.00376.80379.00161,484
Tue, 28th Nov 2017378.10378.20376.80378.00209,890
Mon, 27th Nov 2017378.00378.00374.10375.50417,668
Fri, 24th Nov 2017378.90378.90375.00375.50152,572
Thu, 23rd Nov 2017380.50380.50376.30376.60148,780
Wed, 22nd Nov 2017378.00381.30378.00380.00205,883
Tue, 21st Nov 2017376.80379.00376.00378.00163,318
Mon, 20th Nov 2017379.00379.00375.50377.50379,244
Fri, 17th Nov 2017378.90380.20376.10379.10138,419
Thu, 16th Nov 2017379.40379.80377.50378.40119,636
Wed, 15th Nov 2017377.50380.10376.50377.50211,754
Tue, 14th Nov 2017381.40381.60379.60380.10270,021
Mon, 13th Nov 2017384.50386.90380.20381.10290,218
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