Headline Date Published
Result of AGM25-04-201713:54
Interim Management Statement25-04-201707:00
Odewayne, Repubilc of Somaliland03-04-201707:00
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM30-03-201711:19
Annual results for the year ended 31 December 201620-03-201707:00
Holding(s) in Company10-02-201710:10
Price Monitoring Extension06-02-201716:35
Board Changes and Director Appointments20-01-201707:00
Delayed Notifications of Major Interest in Shares05-01-201709:30
Corporate Update14-11-201607:00
Interim Management Statement14-11-201607:00
Board Changes13-10-201616:00
Odewayne, Republic of Somaliland05-08-201609:23
Ntem Concession, Cameroon05-08-201607:00
Second Price Monitoring Extn02-08-201616:40
Price Monitoring Extension02-08-201616:35
Results for the six months ending 30 June 201628-07-201607:00
Board Changes and Director Appointment11-05-201607:00
Completion of Withdrawal from Ambilobe, Madagascar09-05-201607:00
Withdrawal from Ambilobe, Madagascar28-04-201607:00
AGM Results25-04-201616:37
Interim Management Statement25-04-201610:21
Publication of Report & Financial Statements 201504-04-201607:00
Withdrawal from Block C-3, Mauritania16-03-201607:00
Annual Financial Report14-03-201607:00
Withdrawal from Block C-3, Mauritania29-01-201611:37
Holding(s) in Company17-12-201511:39
Holding(s) in Company10-12-201512:20
Ntem Concession, Cameroon01-12-201507:00
Completion of Block C-10 interest acquisition30-11-201507:00
Interim Management Statement09-11-201507:00
Completion of acquisition of interest in Block C-330-07-201515:42
Results for the six months ending 30 June 201527-07-201507:00
Ambilobe Block, Madagascar02-06-201507:00
Ampasindava Block, Madagascar07-05-201507:00
AGM Results29-04-201512:10
Interim Management Statement29-04-201510:05
Update for Ambilobe Block (Madagascar)27-04-201507:00
Ntem Concession, Cameroon23-04-201507:00
Ntem Concession, Cameroon09-04-201507:00
Publication of Report & Financial Statements 201408-04-201509:00
Annual Financial Report26-03-201507:00
Board and Management Appointment23-03-201508:22
Directorate Change10-03-201507:03
Ntem Concession Cameroon17-02-201507:00
Update for Ambilobe and Ampasindava Blocks16-02-201509:00
Acquisition of interest in Block C-3 Mauritania10-02-201507:00
Mauritania - Royalty Agreements with Premier Oil09-02-201512:20
Directorate and Management Changes18-12-201414:00
Grant of Options under Long Term Incentive Plan28-10-201407:00
Interim Management Statement24-10-201407:00
Results for the six months ending 30 June 201418-07-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company04-07-201411:44
Appointment of Nominated Adviser01-07-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company27-06-201409:00
2 Year Extension for the Odewayne PSC29-05-201407:00
Completion of Farmin to Odewayne Block12-05-201407:00
Additional farmin to Odewayne Block06-05-201407:01
AGM Results25-04-201412:33
Interim Management Statement25-04-201409:39
Drilling Update for Bamboo-1, Ntem Concession08-04-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company03-04-201409:02
Publication of Report & Financial Statements 201303-04-201407:00
Annual Financial Report17-03-201407:00
Completion of additional farmin to Odewayne Block27-01-201407:00
Operations Update for the Ntem Concession23-01-201407:00
Operations Update (Madagascar)13-01-201407:00
Grant of Options to Directors06-12-201311:30