Headline Date Published
Board Changes18-05-201707:00
Conclusion of the Strategic Review17-05-201707:00
Notification of Interest In Shares27-04-201713:07
Issue of Equity and Total Voting Rights28-03-201714:04
Director Declaration07-03-201707:00
Result of General Meeting01-03-201716:39
New Contract Win01-03-201707:00
Appointment of Non-Executive Chairman16-02-201707:00
Posting of Circular and Notice of General Meeting13-02-201707:00
Holding(s) in Company09-02-201715:40
New Contract Win06-02-201707:00
Issue of Equity03-02-201707:00
New Partnership23-01-201707:00
Beacon network expansion10-01-201707:00
Total Voting Rights05-01-201710:20
Block listing03-01-201708:00
New Contract21-12-201607:00
Trading and Funding update13-12-201607:00
'Santa Forgot' campaign for Alzheimer's Research25-11-201607:00
Holding(s) in Company23-09-201614:55
Exercise of Options22-09-201617:22
New Contract22-09-201607:00
Google Certification02-09-201607:00
Result of AGM and GM25-07-201615:30
AGM Statement25-07-201607:00
Directorate Change15-07-201616:52
Notice of AGM Posting of Circular/Annual Report27-06-201616:00
Result of Placing24-06-201612:15
Proposed Placing24-06-201607:01
Final Results24-06-201607:00
London Buses Advertising Campaigns04-05-201609:15
Issue of Deferred Consideration Shares30-03-201607:00
Holding(s) in Company17-03-201610:29
New Partnership with Google09-03-201607:00
Pre-Close Trading Statement29-01-201607:00
New contract and Trading update17-12-201507:00
New Contract11-12-201507:00
Half Yearly Report21-09-201507:00
New contract16-09-201507:00
New Partnership09-09-201507:00
New Contract07-09-201507:00
New Contract Win31-07-201507:00
New Contract Win22-07-201507:00
Directorate Change15-07-201507:00
Deployment of beacons on London buses01-07-201507:00
Result of AGM30-06-201513:40
Digital Enablement Platform10-06-201507:00
Notice of AGM04-06-201511:00
New Contract Win20-05-201507:01
Final Results20-05-201507:00
New Contract Win and Government Grant19-05-201507:00
Airports contract win and notice of results18-05-201507:00
Director Resignation05-03-201507:00
Pre-Close Trading Statement03-02-201507:00
Notice of pre-close Trading Update28-01-201509:30
TR1 Notification of Major Interest in Shares22-01-201507:00
Board Appointments20-01-201507:00
Update in relation to Placing09-12-201407:00
Acquisition of Aconite Technology Limited05-12-201407:00
Result of Meeting28-11-201412:15
Norwich buses equipped with PROXAMA technology24-11-201407:00
Posting of the Circular to Shareholders04-11-201412:04
Proposed placing and Possible Acquisition04-11-201407:00
Half Yearly Report24-09-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company15-09-201415:03
Statement Re WEVE15-09-201412:55
NFC on iPhone 6 and Apple Watch15-09-201407:00
Notice of Results10-09-201411:00
Mobile Digital Proximity Technology at Kia Oval21-08-201407:00
Mobile Digital Proximity Technology For Liverpool13-08-201407:00
Trading Update30-07-201407:00
Result of AGM16-06-201414:05
AGM Statement16-06-201407:00
Partnership with PrePay Solutions12-06-201407:00
Director Appointment09-06-201407:00
Final Results30-04-201407:00
Notice of Results24-04-201412:01
Holding(s) in Company08-04-201407:58
Exclusive partnership with HID Global12-03-201407:00
Licensing agreement for Latin and South America24-02-201407:00
Launch of mobile contactless payment solution20-02-201407:00
Proxama to partner Weve for Mobile Loyalty Service18-02-201407:00
NFC Solution with Argos30-01-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company28-01-201407:00
Pre-Close Trading Statement23-01-201407:00
Result of General Meeting06-01-201415:33