Comparing Carclo Plc & New World Resources Plc A

This page explains how Carclo Plc compares with New World Resources Plc A

Carclo Plc is roughly 10 times larger than New World Resources Plc A, and each share in Carclo Plc is the equivalent to 958.33 shares in New World Resources Plc A. Over the last 30 days, Carclo Plc has behaved quite differently to New World Resources Plc A, moving in the same direction 9 out of 20 trading days.

Price 143.75+143.600.15
Change (-0.09%) 0.00-0.09%0.00 (0.00%)
Spread (1.05%) 1.50+1.049%0.00 (0.00%)
Currency GBX GBX
Sector Industrial Chemicals Mining
Indices n/a n/a
What if I invested £1,000?
1 month ago 1 year ago
CAR.L£1,097.33 £1,459.39
NWR.L£857.14 £119.52
Shares in Issue 73m4,925m
Market Capitalisation £10,440m£739m
52 Week High 169.000.15
52 Week Low 110.000.15