The following tables show investment return over various periods of time. It should be noted that at present, Share Compare uses actual historical values, and as such returns may not be accurate due to share splits or consolidations.
Share Sector Price 1 year ago
Vela Technologies PlcVela Technologies Plc (VELA.L)Media101.00£ 448,888.89
Card Factory PlcCard Factory Plc (CARD.L)Retailers51,767£ 196,832.70
Vinacapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund LdVinacapital Vietnam Opportunit... (VOF.L)Investment Companies342.00£ 137,211.63
Harbourvest Global Private Equity LimitedHarbourvest Global Private Equ... (HVPE.L)Investment Companies1,450.00£ 113,948.92
Smurfit Kappa Group PlcSmurfit Kappa Group Plc (SKG.L)Industrials2,302.00£ 106,970.26
Accsys Technologies PlcAccsys Technologies Plc (AXS.L)Industrials6,150.00£ 106,034.48
Oxford Biomedica PlcOxford Biomedica Plc (OXB.L)Medicine and Biotech Research666.90£ 104,203.13
Clontarf Energy PlcClontarf Energy Plc (CLON.L)Mining64.50£ 88,965.52
Kenmare Resources PlcKenmare Resources Plc (KMR.L)Mining202.00£ 63,924.05
Avacta Group PlcAvacta Group Plc (AVCT.L)Medicine and Biotech Research45.10£ 63,076.92
Firestone Diamonds PlcFirestone Diamonds Plc (FDI.L)Mining2,170.00£ 62,222.22
Chesnara PlcChesnara Plc (CSN.L)Insurance21,045.5£ 61,717.01
First Property Group PlcFirst Property Group Plc (FPO.L)Property2,061.50£ 61,537.31
Crystal Amber Fund LimitedCrystal Amber Fund Limited (CRS.L)Investment Companies8,503.00£ 56,876.25
Stilo International PlcStilo International Plc (STL.L)IT Services145.00£ 52,727.27
Baron Oil PlcBaron Oil Plc (BOIL.L)Metals38.80£ 41,945.95
Verona Pharma Plc Ord 0.1PVerona Pharma Plc Ord 0.1P (VRP.L)Medicine and Biotech Research55.50£ 34,153.85
Physiomics PlcPhysiomics Plc (PYC.L)Health Care and Related Services3.50£ 33,333.33
Mxc Capital LimitedMxc Capital Limited (MXCP.L)Telecommunications63.50£ 30,602.41
Reneuron Group PlcReneuron Group Plc (RENE.L)Medicine and Biotech Research93.00£ 29,760.00
San Leon Energy PlcSan Leon Energy Plc (SLE.L)Metals30.50£ 28,240.74
Low & Bonar PlcLow & Bonar Plc (LWB.L)Building and Materials1,395.00£ 27,352.94
Sportech PlcSportech Plc (SPO.L)Tourism and Leisure1,608.60£ 25,584.10