Headline Date Published
Replacement - Issue of Equity18-04-201718:06
Issue of Equity, Appt Jnt Broker, Loan Note Update18-04-201707:00
Exercise of Employee Share Options04-04-201713:07
Holding(s) in Company06-03-201716:45
Share Admission03-03-201718:15
Issue of equity, conversion of loan notes & TVR28-02-201707:00
Trading Update23-02-201715:00
Holding(s) in Company10-02-201716:45
Issue of Equity & TVR01-02-201716:45
Trading Statement21-12-201607:00
Commencement of Ferry Services05-12-201607:00
Directorate Change22-11-201607:01
Issue of Debt22-11-201607:00
Sierra Princess prepares for service commencement10-11-201611:33
Sierra Princess inaugural voyage13-09-201607:00
Westminster Franchise - Nigeria26-08-201613:54
Total Voting Rights29-07-201614:05
Trading Update29-07-201607:00
Final Darwin Conversion, Issue of Equity & TVR14-07-201607:00
Issue of Equity & TVR07-07-201607:00
Holding(s) in Company05-07-201607:00
Result of AGM & TVR30-06-201612:27
Directorate Changes30-06-201607:05
AGM Trading Update30-06-201607:00
Holding(s) in Company13-06-201607:06
Annual Financial Report10-06-201607:00
Final Results09-06-201607:00
Directorate Change & Notice of Results07-06-201607:00
Notice of AGM06-06-201616:37
Issue of Equity to Institutional Investors & TVR03-06-201615:04
Ferry Project Update03-06-201615:03
Total Voting Rights27-05-201610:44
Middle East Contract - Letter of Intent26-05-201607:01
Issue of Equity & TVR19-05-201614:37
Financing & Trading Update12-05-201607:00
Ferry Project Update04-05-201607:00
Total Voting Rights29-04-201614:34
Ferry Project Update19-04-201607:00
Issue of Equity and TVR18-04-201616:58
Ferry Project Update06-04-201607:00
Issue of Equity & TVR04-04-201607:00
Total Voting Rights31-03-201609:56
Ferry Project Update24-03-201607:00
Issue of Equity & TVR15-03-201607:00
MoU for 25Yr Airport Contract in Middle East08-03-201607:00
New 20 Year Border Security MoU in Middle East22-02-201607:01
Issue of Loan Notes, Trading Update & Ferry Update22-02-201607:00
Commencement of Cargo Screening Operations09-02-201610:09
Total Voting Rights29-01-201607:00
Issue of Equity & TVR25-01-201616:48
New Airports MoU takes total under MoU to 6m PAX20-01-201607:00
Ferry Project Update18-01-201615:20
Total Voting Rights31-12-201507:00
Exercise of Options & TVR23-12-201515:30
Ferry Project Update23-12-201515:13
New Airport MoU & Operational Update09-12-201507:00
Total Voting Rights30-11-201517:20
Ferry & Airport Update17-11-201507:00
Holding in Company05-11-201513:20
Issue of Equity & Total Voting Rights30-10-201507:00
New Airports MoU12-10-201507:00
Ferry Project Update09-10-201515:40
Issue of Equity30-09-201516:00
Interim Results30-09-201507:00
Ferry Project Update17-09-201507:00
Ferry Project Update21-08-201507:00
Directorate Change10-08-201507:00
Ferry Project Update29-07-201507:00
CTAC Settlement08-07-201507:00
Total Voting Rights30-06-201514:00
Result of AGM30-06-201512:44
Hardman & Co issues research report30-06-201511:02
AGM Trading Update30-06-201507:00
Details of AGM23-06-201507:00
Issue of Equity08-06-201516:00
Final Results21-05-201507:00
Bridge Protection Contract in USA29-04-201507:00
Issue of Loan Notes & Date of Results22-04-201507:00
Ferry Contract Update04-03-201507:00
CEO key speaker at major Mexican summit27-02-201507:00
Technology Division Contracts11-02-201507:00
New Airports MoU - Asia09-02-201507:00
Total Voting Rights31-12-201407:00
Holding(s) in Company18-12-201407:00
US$4.4m Contract Award in Americas03-12-201407:00
21 yr Ferry Services deal - potential US$300m rev19-11-201407:00
Westminster launches W Africa Ebola crisis appeal27-10-201407:00
Ebola Update14-10-201416:00
Ebola Update07-10-201407:00
New 10 Year Franchise Agreement in Mexico30-09-201407:01
Interim Results30-09-201407:00
Notice of Results26-09-201407:00
Total Voting Rights29-08-201407:00
West Africa Ebola Update18-08-201413:31
25 Yr Managed Services MOU - $300m Rev Potential11-08-201407:00
West Africa Ebola Update08-08-201412:34
West Africa Ebola Update06-08-201412:14
Pipeline Security Pilot Project05-08-201407:48
Placing and Managed Services Update04-08-201415:46
West Africa Ebola Update30-07-201414:07
East Africa Airport Contract Update25-07-201407:00
Appointment of Business Development partner02-07-201407:00
Result of AGM25-06-201413:33
CTAC Litigation Update25-06-201407:00
Final Results30-05-201407:00
Qatar Wireless Security Conference22-05-201410:06
Notice of Results & AGM08-05-201407:00
Total Voting Rights30-04-201407:01
UK Investor Show Presentation08-04-201407:00
Conversion of Loan Note07-04-201407:00
$2.6m Vehicle Screening Contract in Asia01-04-201407:00
Total Voting Rights31-03-201407:00
Consultancy Contract with a Caribbean Government25-03-201407:00
Replacement - New BD Partner & Issue of Equity24-03-201415:00
New Business Development Partner & Issue of Equity24-03-201407:00
Issue of Equity26-02-201407:00
New Corporate Website19-02-201407:00
Issue of Equity06-12-201307:00