Comparing Edinburgh Dragon Trust Plc & Hill & Smith Holdings Plc

This page explains how Edinburgh Dragon Trust Plc compares with Hill & Smith Holdings Plc

Edinburgh Dragon Trust Plc is roughly equivalent in size to Hill & Smith Holdings Plc, and each share in Edinburgh Dragon Trust Plc is the equivalent to 0.28 shares in Hill & Smith Holdings Plc. Over the last 30 days, Edinburgh Dragon Trust Plc has behaved quite differently to Hill & Smith Holdings Plc, moving in the same direction 11 out of 23 trading days.

Price 371.50-943.501,315.00
Change (-1.00%) 0.00-1.31%0.00 (0.31%)
Spread (0.13%) 0.50+0.211%-1.00 (-0.08%)
Currency GBX GBX
Sector Investment Companies Engineering Products
Indices MID 300 UK 350, UK 250
What if I invested £1,000?
1 month ago 1 year ago
EFM.L£1,531.96 £1,302.37
HILS.L£1,741.72 £2,180.76
Shares in Issue 189m79m
Market Capitalisation £70,354m£103,479m
52 Week High 376.001,480.00
52 Week Low 284.001,081.00