BOS Global holdings Limited had gained around 5% on the bourses post the company updated the conditional agreement to acquire a 40% interest in Call Design Pty Ltd that was announced on 20th March 2017.

The Company advises that it has satisfied one of the major conditions precedent, having completed due diligence to the satisfaction of the Board. Accordingly the Company is proceeding toward settlement including finalizing a Share Purchase Agreement with Call Design's shareholders. It is expected that completion will occur on or before 21 May 2017. Once the completion would be done, Mr. Michael Travia will join the board of Call Design as a non-executive director to represent the 40% interest of BOS.

Michael Travia commented "I am delighted at the progress of both Companies to reach this important milestone. As a member of Call Design's board I look forward to representing the significant investment and opportunity on behalf of the Company and our Shareholders, including assisting Call Design with its Board strategy to grow exponentially over the next three years."

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