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Posted by MaxMarioni on 6 January 2018, 5:26 PM

What's in stocks for 2018

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The year ahead on the stock market is likely to continue in the same way as 2017, characterised mainly by one thing, and one thing only: Brexit. Many, if not all the questions relating to Britain’s future economic and market landscape stem from this issue. Will the government be able to secure that-all important deal with the EU to preserve some kind of access to the single market and begin the trade negotiations proper? Or will it all fall apart and Britain will crash out with no deal? Will this spell the end of Theresa May’s reign and will Jeremy Corbyn climb the stairs into No. 10? How will pound sterling be impacted by all this? Will companies in the City resort to contingency plans and relocate offices to Europe en masse? And, will the stock market index soar as a result of favourable negotiations, or crash out following a breakdown in talks? (Read more)

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