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Insights for February 2017

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Barclays returns to profit by posting net gains for the year ended in 2016 of £1.62 billion ($2.02 billion), which came however short of the £1.97 which had been predicted by analysts. Forth quarter pre-tax profits were £ 330 million ($410 million), up from a loss of £2.1 million which had taken place a year ago. In any case the Bank's numbers are much better than the previous year's results, which saw the bank recording a loss. Statutory group profit before tax trebled at £3.2 billion ($3.9 billion) in 2016 when compared with the £1.15 billion loss recorded in 2015 for the same measure. (Read more)

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What a difference a year makes for the critical evaluation of a stock's performance. Last year, Rio Tinto, the second biggest mining company in the world by market share, had reported a loss totalling US $866 million in its 2015 annual results. The stock nose-dived on the back of cutbacks on its dividend and concerns on its levels of debt. The Anglo-American mining giant seems to have really turned a corner now. In the words of the company's Chief Executive, J-S. Jacques: [Rio Tinto]'s results show we have kept our commitment to maximise cash and productivity from our world-class assets, delivering $3.6 billion in shareholder returns while maintaining a robust balance sheet. […] We enter 2017 in good shape.” (Read more)

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