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Insights for January 2016

Topics: Commodities, Gold
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It is something of a cliché, during a period of intense volatility such as the present one, for investors weary of an incoming crisis to seek refuge in what is perceived as the safest asset class of them all – gold. This tends to hold true even when commodity prices are falling as in the current situation. However there are ways to invest in gold without accumulating huge bars of the shiny metal in the basement, which are safer and more convenient than owning bullion and carry the possibility of capital gains. Listed gold mining companies are often described as a “safe haven”, and present a “golden” opportunity for investment. (Read more)

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Easyjet has had a very up and down year on the market, having a 52-week range of 1,521.00 – 1,929.00 and losing 20% of its value since its April rally and closing with 1612.00 on Friday 15th January. However its stock performance is more to be seen in conjunction with the general ills plaguing the sector rather than some event affecting Easyjet per se: last week it closed with – 1.83% which is in line with the sectoral average of -1.75%. Certainly, the budget airliner, which last year turned twenty years old, suffered a fierce dip at the end of November from the fallout of the Paris terrorist attacks. As a result, the market depreciation means it is a cheaper stock to buy, with potential to return to its former glory provided geopolitical tensions and the changing price of oil don't mess things up. (Read more)

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At first sight, Lloyds wouldn't seem a natural choice for its investment potential going into the new year. It had a torrid 2015, dogged by the continuing reverberations the PPI misselling scandal, probes by the regulator into rate rigging, and, of course, global market sluggishness. Its stock value has suffered the consequences, leaving 28% on the ground since touching its maximum in May last year, when one share was worth 89p, and slid down to today's minimum of 67.80p. See chart. However, moving into the new year, Lloyds has many factors going for it and now there is a real buzz surrounding the stock. (Read more)

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