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It has been called the biggest merger in history for two oil companies, at least since ExxonMobil (XOM) took over XTO energy over 5 years ago to create the energy behemoth it is today. Royal Dutch Shell’s (RDS.A) proposed acquisition of gas company BG group (BRGYY), announced on 7 April 2015, is still navigating the regulatory systems of half the globe, getting green lights from the national regulators wherever it goes. Yet, despite all the fanfare, investors haven’t reacted particularly happily to the deal. In fact, Shell has lost a quarter of its value since plans for the merger were first made public, with shares slumping from a high of 2,094p in April on the day of the announcement of the deal to a low of 1,418p on 14th December. See chart.

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Posted by MaxMarioni on 8 December 2015, 7:19 AM

Broker's stock surge: A sign of Things to Come?

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2015 isn’t associated with large scales of activity in the stock market: indeed, since the summer investor panic in Asia and the perennial fret over the weakness of the recovery globally, and in particular in the Eurozone, prudence has reigned amid investors and in company boardrooms. Volumes of mergers and acquisitions have been low, while fewer companies have chosen to go public. So it is significant that a market maker specializing in stock flotations and M&As has posted surprisingly positive annual results. Numis Corporation (NUM:LN) , which has its stated goal as being  the advisor of choice for UK companies, has seen its revenue increase from £92.9m to £98.0m and statutory profits before tax soar from £24.4m to £26.1m.

Shares in the brokerage and advisory firm, which trades in the LSE’s AIM, rose by almost 4% in earnings per share to 24.9 p since publication of its yearly results. According to media estimates 8,986 shares were exchanged during intraday trading. The CEO, Oliver Hemsley, stated that “the performance of the stock market was variable during the year but our high quality client base was active and our current deal pipeline is strong. By strengthening our franchise across UK companies of all sizes, we have established Numis as an advisor of choice for businesses seeking capital to grow." (Read more)

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Posted by MaxMarioni on 7 December 2015, 7:20 AM

High Flyer of the Week: Thomas Cook Group

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Related Shares: Thomas Cook Share Price

In a remarkable turnaround, Thomas Cook Group PLC (TCG.LN) has gained the headlines last week by staging a record rise in the value of its shares. Stocks in the travel company rocketed up by almost 11% to 107.7p, its highest increase in a single day’s trading since March and the highest overall increase in the FTSE 250 index on that day (Wednesday 25th November). The stock continued to climb to 117.90p on the close of Friday 27th November. The surge in value of the travel agent was driven by the publication of its annual profits which revealed the group had netted £19 million pounds in after tax profits. It was the first profit recorded by the company in five years and compares especially well with last year’s results, when the group posted a loss of £115m.

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Posted by MaxMarioni on 7 December 2015, 7:14 AM

A Look at the Biggest New Stock of the Year

 It has been described as the biggest UK IPO of the year and the biggest ever financial technology IPO to take place in Europe. The buzz surrounding the flotation was so great that even the PM tweeted about it. This is, Ladies and Gentlemen, Worldpay.

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