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Posted by MaxMarioni on 12 November 2017, 11:35 AM

IQE Plc keeps rising

IQE plc (AIM: IQE), a leading global supplier of advanced products and services to the semiconductor industry, announced that it has successfully placed 67,941,581 new ordinary shares of 1 pence each in the Company, at a price of 140 pence per share, raising gross proceeds of approximately £95 million. The Shares placed represented approximately 10% of IQE's existing outstanding issued share capital. (Read more)

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IQE Plc (IQE:L) up has been one of the top performers in the FTSE AIM 100 Index, growing by more than 300% this year. IQE manufactures electronic components (called wafers) necessary for the incorporation of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs), used for 3D sensors. These sensors are found, for example, in smartphones, and there is rampant speculation that Apple will include them in the new smartphone, for its facial recognition sensors that will be used to unlock the screen. (Read more)

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Posted by MaxMarioni on 3 September 2017, 5:53 PM

Meet the new UK Tech Giant

A deal merging the software applications component of Hewlett Packard Enterprises Co. (HPE:US) and Micro Focus International PLC (MCRO:LN) worth GBP 8.8 billion has created the UK's largest tech firm, overtaking Sage Group PLC. The new combined entity, which will be listed in London, will have a market capitalisation of GBP 12.7 billion and have a workforce 180,000 strong, mostly former employees of HPE. The new group will include HPE's former application delivery management, big data analytics and enterprise security units. HPE will remain the majority shareholders of the new venture (50.1% ownership) and received USD 2.5 billion in cash as part of the deal. (Read more)

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After several years with no large eye-catching floats on the London Stock Exchange, finally we have a successful IPO for a tech firm in London, to rival the scale of floats found in the US. Shares in Alfa Financial Software Holdings Plc, which provides software used by firms to manage loans for the purchase of assets ranging from office equipment to cars, planes and satellites, were floated on Friday 26th May and the company achieved a first-day market valuation of 1.2 million pounds. This was up from the 975 million pounds the company was valued at before the IPO, reflecting the price per-share of 325p. Alfa shares soared by 32% and the share price was 429.75p at the close of market on Friday. (Read more)

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A British advertising technology company, Ve Interactive, once taunted as an example of a rare breed of British 'Unicorns' - i.e. start-up companies with prospective values of a billion dollars or more - was revealed last week to have run into financial difficulties. Once described as worth (Read more)

It is the time when we reflect on what lies ahead, and on what are the trends which are shaping the economy of the year which just begun. Technological innovation as always is one of the main driving factors of change in the business world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big trend which is set to hit the economy in 2017. From self-driving cars to homes equipped with smart metres to smart clothing, the industry for connected devices is going to permeate the way we will live our lives. The Internet of Things is going to make its big impact, in business and in society, and as with any far-reaching innovations launched in Silicon Valley, there is the potential for substantial profits to be made. (Read more)

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