Getting Started

Setting out as a private stock market investor can see a daunting venture; however, for many it has become a satisfying hobby, a tax efficient second income, or a full time career.

Share Compare can help you as a private investor by:

  • Helping you learn to trade shares
  • Learn how to pick stocks
  • Understand what makes a share price go up or down
  • Research new and exciting investment opportunities
  • Track your investments and share price movements

If you're completely new to investing on the stock market, you should begin by reading a lot of information about shares. Read some of the articles in our Academy, and start to create a shares Watchlist. Decide on an investment strategy - is it an extension of your savings, or are you looking to generate a serious income through trading? Use the risers and fallers lists to see what shares are going up, and view the indices and sector pages to see how the market is moving each day.

Share Compare is unique in that it allows you to find related shares to ones you already know about - by providing related links based on similar price movements or company profiles. Use the compare features to see if the company you are interested in is showing the best short-term results, or if there are other companys that might produce a better gain. 

Sign up for our daily market report to see what's happpening each day - the stock market will often move in trends - up for a few days, down for a few days - and often follow an overall trend for a few weeks. The stock market report will allow you to keep an eye on the market movers, and what sectors are moving the market.

If you've got no idea on where to start with your stock-picking - have a look at some well known companies, such as Vodafone, or Centrica - look at their recent regulatory news items (RNS), view their accounts details, and look at their share price movement charts. This will give you an idea of how a well known company's shares may move over time and be affected by the overall economic climate. 

Register a free account with Share Compare to allow you access to some of our pro-investor tools - and access to the chat community, free watchlist and portfolio services, and price alerts.